Clinical research

The members of the “Streinth” team located in Hautepierre have a long history of collaboration with the IGBMC and the Strasbourg hospitals (CHU and ICANS). These collaborations are being further reenforced with the novel structuration of the team and the arrival of 2 members of the ICANS and 3 member of the CHU. At the present moment, more than 3 translational programs exist between the team “Streinth” and the clinic (ICANS & HUS). Similarly, the projects developed by the team “Streinth” are integrated in more than 6 research programs interfacing with either research teams (Ex. Dr. Tomasetto) or technical platforms of IGBMC.

In addition, dynamic interactions with chemistry teams in Strasbourg (Chemistry institute; Pharmacie faculty) and abroad (e.g. Italy, Mexico, Singapore) allow the development of interdisciplinary projects aiming at the development ol innovative molecule for anticancer therapies. These projects are developed in the context of interactional programs (European COST action CONACYT, …).

  • Stress Metabolic stress and epigenetic in VADS
    > Streinth team <-> B. Wasilik
  • Metabolic stress and tumoral agressivness
    > Streinth team <-> G. Riveline
    > Streinth team <-> C. Tomasetto
  • Mod√©lisation tumorale du cancer gastrique
    > Streinth team <-> S. transgenics
    > Streinth team <-> S. “omics”
  • Circulating epigenetic markers in pancreatic cancers
    > Streinth team <-> I. Davidson/CGE
  • Prognostic markers and innovative therapies in Head and neck cancers
    > Streinth team <-> ICANS – S. Guihard, C. Bartelemi, C. Borel
  • Prognostic markers and innovative therapies in gastric cancers
    > Streinth team <-> B. Romain, S. Rohr, P. Dufour
  • Cachexie and prognostic markers in pancreatic cancers
    > Streinth team <-> Dr. Bachelier/CGE
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