Cancers of the aero-digestive system and side effects

Gastric & oesophagus cancers

Gastric cancer is the second most frequent cancer worlwide. The average survival rate at 5 year is dramatically low with less than 25% of the patients. It represents 5000 deaths every year in France.

Head and neck cancers

Head and neck cancers present also a reduced average survival rate at 5 years that is less than 50% accounting for about 5000 deaths every year. At present about 75% of the patients are males and with an aetiology involving life style (alcohol and smoking) as well as viruses.

Healthy tissues & sides effects

Side effects induced by cancer therapies affects different tissues leading often to halt of treatments and death in the worst situation. For instance, about 20% of cancer lethality is due to muscle atrophy, linked or not to malfunction of the digestive system, including the enteric nervous system.

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